The recipe of a dish
"Sashimi" (sliced raw fish)
Sliced raw fish can do any fish, such as tuna fish, cuttlefish, and octopus.
1. Take down fish to 3 sheets. (A bone and the body are divided)
2. Cut in a suitable size.
3. It attaches to soy sauce and eats in the raw state. "wasabi"(Japanese horseradish) etc. is attached.

Boiled fish
1. Takes guts and scale a fish.
2. Put into a pan and boil.
3. Put in soy-sauce, "mirin" ,etc. -- taste attachment is carried out (ginger may be put in)

1. Cut the"neta" (body of a raw fish).
2. Grasp a sushi meal. (A little vinegar is put into boiled rice,)
3. Put a sushi meal on "neta" and grasp upside down.

Shrimp fly

1. Entwine shrimp into clothes (bread crumbs). (Using an egg)
2. Raise with oil.
3. If it becomes yellow, it will lift.

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