Even if there are the explorer of Asia , they were not so eager for leaving it to a diary. Therefore a famous explore is few.

The explore in Japan

Naomi Uemura
The adventure representing the world. As Japanese, Everest is reached for the first time and it reaches to an extreme of 5 continent highest Mine for the first time in the world.
It succeeds in independent crossing of the Arctic Circle.

the man who explored "Chishima" and "Karafuto"

Rinzou Mamiya
It went to Karafuto explore , and the "Mamiya strait" was discovered. The map was made.

Denjuro Matsuda
The hidden discoverer of the Mamiya strait. It had discovered before the Mamiya .

Tokunai Mogami
North-direction explorer. He explored Chishima and Karafuto.

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