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Photograph Hobby Message

Television game I keep a dog in my house.
Baseball I go into the Kamo little sports team of baseball. My back number is 11 and I am protecting the center. Then, good-bye.

Although it can meet only by the Internet, let's receive
I am learning Soroban. There, what is blast-of-wind ?

Reading I like the book of a tale or a biography. What book do you
Is reading a book favorite?

Reading Here, exchange of a memorandum paper is in fashion. A boy
is playing baseball with the ball made from paper. There,
what is in fashion?

Reading a book and Hello. What is having done now? Please let me know.

Soccer Hello. I go into the soccer club. Then, good-bye.

Television game
I go into the soccer part. What play is in fashion?

Fishing My favorite hoby is fishing. What is your hobby?

Baseball I am playing baseball. I am catcher in No. 4. It is very well.

self-introduction 1@Eself-introduction 3

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