Marine fish is fished. Since Japan is surrounded by the sea, there are many places to which it takes. Fish takes also in a river or a lake.
I also like fishing. Mackerel, octopus, "seigo", etc. take in the Sea of Japan. Goby, crucian carp, and the Cyprinus carpio take in the Shinji lake. "haya" and catfish take on a nearby river.

Scuba diving
I don't do this sport. Seemingly, it has done in the southern sea.

It is not in near.

Water skiing
It has not carried out.

It has done in the Shinji lake.

The young man is doing in the place with a wave. (Sea of Japan)

It has done in the Shinji lake.

Motorboat race (boat race)
Although there is nothing to near, the grown-up man is doing.

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