A whale is...

A whale is .... he can sing a song. very beautifull.

So, everybody will gather like a concert.

A whale is .... he eats very much.
About the half of its weight will be eaten at one day.

But the living thing of the sea does not disappear,
if there are no less than 10,000 whales are in the sea.

A whale is... he is not twisted strongly.
The inside of the heart is warmly very much.

So,they chum up together,even if often make a quarrel.

A whale is ...
there is few enemy.
Even if a sulphur-bottom whale that is most largest in the world.

In the sea,there is few enemy.
He will be attached if a few also allows mind,
therefore everybody make desperate efforts.

A whale is... good at dance.jumppng, turnning,
he is dancing many time in everyday.
It is very exciting to look at his dancing.

A whale is ... continues swimming. Don't he feel tired?
No, a whale gets tired.
A whale is...
sleep taking out his nose up the water surface.
It is a wonderful sleep method.