We learned and understand about a salmon

The salmon is said that about 70 sorts live all over the world.
And there are
about 20 sorts in Japan.

A salmon is borne by the river, goes down 1 year after river, and goes to the sea.
A marine life will be carried out for three to 4 years, and it returns to the born river.

There is a salmon which returns to the born river which are 4-5% of all in Hokkaidou, 1-2% in Honshu.

The salmon borne in the river besides 2-3% is mixed.

The friend of a salmon also requires that which remains in a river, if there are also some which goes to the sea.
The salmon will stop eating befor 50 to 60 day of spawn.

A salmon is excellent fish! He has a long joueney of the ocean!

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