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5年1組の教室には次の目標が掲示してあります。「すてきな学級〜どんなに困難なかべでもみんなで乗りこえるんだー!」 遠足で高瀬山に登ったときの記念写真です。

Self Introduction
Drawing arts

*It is [ the 1st time picture ] It is a work using kidpics (1.0). Stamps are used freely.

1 ,   2  , 3

*It is [ the 2nd times picture] GIF animation was made. (Kidpics, paint)

(GIF animation is each four pages.) A repetition (loop) is to 5 times. The man who wants to see once again is "reload".
 ・page1   ・page2  ・page3  

There are Page of "school days"

A Co-op(Supermarket) inspection


Catch the small fish[MEDAKA}


Poetry about the salmon

Egg dish

Classroom Party
Music(Real Player files)